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Team leader: NaTbEe

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this is the team from lichess!!!
points system
+5 if u invite a player
+10 if u win the weekly quiz
+20 if you give a good suggestion/win a monthly challenge
+1 if you win me(only 2 player a week)
-10 if you do bad things
-20 if you ask for a leader(unless u r my friend i i have not make you a leader
-100 if you are a leader and you do bad things
if you have - 20pt will be kicked out
points line
point(pt) line
5 pt =1 spt
10 pt=get 1 chance(if you spam 1 time i wont minus ur points)
20 pt = be a leader for a day
30pt = 7spt
35pt =get free 10spt
100pt = 1mpt
super point line
5spt = leader for 2 days
20 spt = 1mpt
25 spt = 3lpt
mpt line
1.5mpt= 3lpt
10mpt = 10 chances!
20mpt = leader for a week
lpt line
1lpt = leader for a day
5lpt = leader for a week
20lpt= leader for a month
Location: Lichess/Lishogi