GIFs and Advanced Search


Added exporting to GIFs and searching finally implemented...


You can now export your games to a GIF. This is how it looks.

Random game taken from the server

You can find this option at the same place where you would export the game to kif format.

Where to find

You can also export the main line from your studies like this.

Thanks to this all games and puzzles will now also have a thumbnail generated, when you link to them on social media.

The source code is available here: This being the first version, it's possible some design changes or other tweaks might be necessary.

Only the default piece set and a simplified version of the default board are supported.


As you might have noticed study search, game search, forum search and team search, weren't previously working, this was because Elasticsearch server wasn't set up yet. This is now resolved and should work as intended.

If you find any bugs or want to request a feature, please submit an issue on github: Thanks a lot.

Have fun!