CSA support


Import and export CSA

Hey there, last time we added support for KIF format and now lishogi also supports CSA. You can read more about this format here.

It's mostly used for games only, unlike KIF, it doesn't support variations (branching), so keep that in mind, when exporting to this format.


Everywhere where you could previously import KIF, you can now also import CSA, let's quickly go through the options once again.


In analysis board below the KIF section you can now also find CSA section. Paste the CSA there and then click IMPORT CSA.

CSA analysis

Game Import

Of course the same goes for game importing. Simply paste the CSA into the same text area, where you would paste KIF. The format will be automatically detected.


And it's the same story, when creating a new chapter in studies.

CSA study import

If your CSA file can't be parsed, you should receive an error information, that will inform you about the problematic section. If you come across a CSA file, that doesn't get parsed at all (but you believe it should) or gets parsed incorrectly, please submit an issue on github with all the relevant details.


If you wish to export your game to CSA, simply go to analysis board of said game, click the export tab and select your desired format.

Similarly to KIF, raw version includes only the moves and meta information, annotated version also includes move times and analysis comments, if available.

Game export

Option to export studies to CSA was also added. Keep in mind that CSA format doesn't support variations.

Study export


Another newly supported features is appeals. In case you believe you received an unjust mark or other punishment from a moderator, you can easily appeal that decision here. Thanks to TheYoBots for merging it from upstream.

Appeal form

Other changes

  • Error messages from KIF/CSA parsing in /analysis are now displayed in alerts
  • Stricter initial position parsing for KIF - previously if incorrect board setup or unknown handicap was provided, we would default to standard starting position, which probably wasn't what you meant
  • Add option to export Shift-JIS encoded KIF, since some software has trouble with UTF-8 KIFs.
  • Fixed KIF parser not parsing correctly empty parser strings
  • Comments in headers of KIF/CSA are now added as comments to starting position
  • Many UI tweaks and fixes

As always, all bugs you find or see someone else mention, please submit to github as issues.

Thanks for all the support and have fun!