Analysis of GM abdowtsm and GM Shogi_bottom tournament final match

This was one of the most enthralling matches I have seen since Cagnus Marlson played Vishnu in the battle for the hungry ghosts cup of 1982. The game started with a simple cavalry push towards the northern bog, however through the in-depth analysis of the opponent the attack was deflected using shield wall at the top of the hill. The opposing generals attempted to get into communications however due to technical difficulties they had to resort to in face discussion. The match ended with heavens fury smiting abdowtsm due to the fog boarder closing in and him running out of time, like that one Tyler the creator song. If you have not yet watched this match, which I presume many of you already have. But to those uncultured few, this was the defining moment of shogi history and no match like this has been seen before, and no such match shall ever be seen again.
Signing off, world renowned shogi commentator, shogi_bear

Cap 🧢, this guy does not know what he’s talking about

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