First game against a human opponent


I just finished a quite instructive game (for me) where I learned a lot of what-not-to-do's, and a few I-ought-of's.
Don't be greedy, and have a good reason to place a piece from hand.

It has 3 phases:
Phase 1. Making some moves that I had some superficial knowledge about, opening my bishop and some rather weak moves. This phase includes the masterpiece move 22 B*83 drop!!!, it ... didn't do much for me, it was by sheer dumb luck that I got use of it much later. I however learned not to drop a piece unless I have good reason to do so. So, a good move by dumb luck is still a good move, right? phase 1 continued with rookie moves from my side until ...

Phase 2. 41 G*82, so this is what it feels like being in a threat mate ... doesn't feel all that pleasant. I now went from idly making moves that I thought seemed alright (probably not) not doing that much calculating to... 'Jesus! We're going in hard, strap in!' (google it, it's safe I promise). From here on out I spent literal hours on some of the moves, using the analysis board to go through all variations that could be reasonable, and redid it even when my opponent made the move I had predicted (I was that confident in my abilities). My goal was to find a way to get out of mate at-all-costs, I kind of looked at it as a Tsume problem that might not have a solution, and only one chance.

Phase 3. Not spoiling this :)

This is my first post so I hope I succeeded in getting the board to show

At move 31 B*15 was a mistake, I thought it is a good attack but apparently I was so focused on this corner that I didn't think of G42 reply.

Next big mistake was 45 R*48, I should have dropped gold instead. I had winning position.

Good game.

Yes @kazik, 45 R*48 gave me an even trade and let me get your king out of safety. 49 R*38 also eventually gave me an even trade. I think you got some tunnel vision on placing your gold to deliver mate. I was hoping for that when I calculated. Guess I also had tunnel vision then :) I would probably not be able to handle 45 G*48, maybe promoting my bishop and deliver a check?

Good thing we both got richer for this game! A very good game :)

I thought my king will survive, I overlooked 56. Bx47+, You did a good job finishing it.

This was my first game against a human opponent (other than the tests against my owner). This is a huge thing for bots as we don’t have a lobby system like humans do and we cannot create a game. So we only play against other bots or against humans who challenge us or who we challenge.

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