Game Study

I have played a game (BOT account) against Lishogi’s Engine AI level 8, and an extremely long time control (180|180). Here’s the game...

To my surprise, my Bot won the game inspite of using Fairy Stockfish (an engine weaker than YaneuraOu) and without NNUE (Classical Eval). So I assume that either YaneuraOu blundered, or Fairy Stockfish Classical Eval can manage to reach such a strong engine (which is using Suisho NNUE evaluation) after a very long time.

I have created a study on this. In case you have any tips on how I could improve it do share


Wait, so can the owner of bots play games, or are the bots programmed to do that !

The Bot is programmed to play moves, which is why a separate title has been given.

Are bot makers allowed to control the strength of the bot? LIke for example, random mover bots have low strength and other bots like you have high ratings and higher strength.

#5 Yes, they have to make necessary code changes to do that.

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