Good in Tsume, but no progress in practical play

Hello everybody,

as a chess player, it is pretty easy for me to solve Tsume problems. Since everything is always forced with the Tsume, this is very easy to do. I solve about 150 Tsume tasks (1-7 moves) every day, but I don't notice any progress in my practical play. Do any of you have a tip?

I’m sure lishogi puzzles (haven’t arrived yet) will be great when they come! Maybe you could try harder and less direct puzzles, but I’m not sure where you could get that.

Well a player with god tsume skills needs to be able to get a tsume position in the first place, otherwise those skills are useless. You can try studying how strong players attack in the middlegame & endgame, to get an idea. Preferrably players who use the same opening as you do.
General tip is to compare how close you are to checkmating the enemy vs how close the enemy is to checkmating you. If you are closer to checkmating him, press on with the attack. If he is closer, try to defend.

Also, to check is to chase. Despite what tsumeshogi might suggest, making consecutive checks is not usually the right plan, as the opponent king might slip away. Better to surround the enemy king with piece moves, cut off his escape.

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