Auto join i correspondence game

After what you’ve said this is what I understand:
1. Create a correspondence game the same time control as another correspondence game that you have made earlier.
2. Both these games with same time control get you paired automatically with the same opponent.
3. Some game (not sure which one) is not seen in the list (list of you ongoing games I assume).
4. Now you have many games against the same opponent.

This is my reply:
1. Once you create your correspondence games (of the same or different time control), your opponent can join your games by clicking on it, so it is possible the same person clicked on both games with the same time control.
2. On lishogi’s homepage you will only see 9 of you ongoing games. To see all your ongoing games go to (change your username to any other to see another persons ongoing games if any).
3. Once you create a game on lishogi, anyone can join that game. You cannot restrict and only ask for someone who isn’t currently playing you.

I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood anything, but maybe you could provide steps to reproduce this bug in points so that it is easier for us to understand in case what we are saying is completely unrelated to what you are saying.

Thank you for your answer. The most easy way is perhaps to start a game with same time limit as I have in the waitning list?

Otherwise I can make a video to show it.

That’s lishogi’s auto pairing system. Lishogi tries to pair users as fast as possible so when you create a game of the same time control as another game in the lobby lishogi immediately pairs you with that person.

Thank you for quick answer. From my point of view its not optimal when playing many games.

As I understand it, he's asking for a restriction on the number of games played with the same opponent at a specific time. It would really be a nice feature for correspondence games, since those are lengthy games, useful for learning about new openings and josekis and people may want to play against different playing styles. When we want to replay the same opponent, usually we will use the rematch button or even send a challenge.

What I mean is that if this server should grow in size like Shogi Club 24. There cant be a limit in five players in the waiting list.

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