Creating studies related to castles, tactics and techniques

As a non- Japanese player it is always difficult to gather resources, lately while playing in shogi wars heroz I noticed that there was a complete table of tactics and techniques laid out at the profile page.
As far as castles and related part I could gather those resources but no where there was any mention of those techniques and playing style.
So if any of our comrades interested in expanding the theoritical aspect and contribute towards studies so that other players could show their potential in the arena!

Those who are still wondering what Im taking about, Im leaving a few examples for them
TACTICS: 37 silver stratergy, Waki system, sugai style 3rd file rook and so on, a complete of 116 tactics
TECHNIQUES: Pawn strike, Silver chop drop and others
CASTLES: Crab castle, Strawberry castle, Girl in the house and so on, presently 44 in the list

If anyone is interested kindly leave a reply in the forum . If there are large number of willing contributers present then I will publish the list.

Thankyou to those who all have read and participated this discussion with all their interest.


Unfortunately, it seems like there's too great a volume of existing (and forthcoming) Shogi research to be properly translated, even by those lovely Japanese creators that do this work.

I think this creates an exciting opportunity for English speakers to either learn Japanese, or to start forming their own Shogi research. I've considered contributing to English Shogi research myself, but it can often feel overwhelming.

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