Gold VS Silver

I've heard Golds are usually used in defence and silver for the offensive. If u ask of the piece value, gold trumps silver, especially if it's in hand due to its mating capabilities. Golds can cover a wide region around the king, making it suitable for defence. it can only retreat one square backwards however ,thus a vulnerable target to other low value pieces if your gold wanders off to enemy camp. silver is less valuable and a more suitable piece to gain space and invade enemy camp.

I think same value in general. Solving tsume or hissi gives a good sense for it. Silver can do forks, thats good to destroy opponents structure. There is a proverb: Whithout a gold in hand, there is no defence.

That most certainly depends on the position and also if you have a general on hand.
As has been said before, Golds are better for attacking because of the mating capabilities.
Silvers on the other hand can move backwards better than the Gold and can also be used for attack. Bougin (Climbing Silver) comes to mind.
But then there is also the possibility of promoting a Silver which makes it very much equal to Gold in movement but your opponent only receives a Silver when taking it.

TLDR: It is very much position depended.

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