Reading the evaluation bar

I was wondering how should I go about reading the evaluation bar. In chess for example, if the evaluation says +1.25 I know that the position is winning for white (a pawn up and position is slightly better - keep in mind white doesn't actually need to have a pawn advantage, it's just how its phrased). But in shogi I feel like that even -7 is still only SLIGHTLY winning for black (sente). Am I doing something wrong or is this how It's supposed to be? How does one make a correlation between shogi end chess evaluation? Hope the question isn't too confusing.

I believe it’s the same. Maybe due to lack of knowledge in certain shogi lines a +7 advantage can be blundered. But this is just my opinion...

I think divide by 5 is about right. Plus reversals are more common in Shogi since you cannot simply easily by trading.

I wouldn't try and convert shogi evals to any chess eval... But as for the number you said. +7 is a pretty large advantage in the opening, and the better player can try to snowball from here, but becomes less and less significant as the game progresses. By the endgame it's only a slight advantage, because the game by this period has become very chaotic.

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