Ultrabullet Topic

In this topic you can send your best ultrabullet games, you can give your opinin about ultrabullet and talk...

Honestly ultrabullet isn't the most useful time control because you don't really learn anything related to the game. But who am I to say anything... I barely even play.
Though I do remember enjoying playing a bunch of UB games against (@)dugong161. Those were the games I enjoyed the most (But I lost all 🥲).

I also did quite enjoy the game against you only because YaneuraOu says I have a mate in 19 in the final position.

I do have a super fast bot that does play ultrabullet pretty well, but I feel bots that use fairy stockfish are much faster.

@YohaanSethNathan it builds speed with your mouse when you are on time crunch. ive won many a blitz game because my opponent was slow.

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