we need more players

where are the japanese? I find lishogi way better than the known shogi sites
What can we do? Advertising? Maybe the japanese here can invite their friends?

I am Japanese.
There are many reasons why there are not more people in lishogi.

1. Japanese people are not used to the lichess-style UI. They don't know how to use it.

2. lishogi is simply not well known. We need to advertise it.

3. There is no relationship with JSA. JSA is almost the only Shogi organization in Japan, but I don't think there will be much contact in the future.

4. lishogi is still in the beta stage, and there is a lot of work to be done, such as quick paring and bug fixing.

5. There is no app yet. It will be developed after the official version.

I would like to hear everyone's opinions.

One reason why there are few japanese player here, is auto-matching system IMAO. Japanese guys are so shy, that they prefer the other shogi site which has auto-matching system🥺 I feel the need of it in lishogi too. Or is there any obstacle to do this?

I think one of the reasons why the population in lishogi does not grow is that Shogi Wars, a competing application, is very strong.

reference: Shogi Wars(English site)

Shogi Wars is authorized by the Japan Shogi Association, so players can receive dan certification. It may motivate most of the players.

In addition, HEROZ, the company that runs Shogi Wars, has publicly stated that it does not claim copyright infringement for posting videos and still images that use copyrighted material and earn revenue.
For this reason, Shogi Wars is popular among Shogi YouTubers.

reference: guideline about HEROZ games(Japanese language only)

@Mars_54E sure lichess has auto-matching but here there are far too few players.

The developpers of the li- series (lichess, lidraughts) do a great job. I like the philosophy no ads, no "go-premium-harassment".
The site is well-arranged the japanese will appreciate it .

The site becomes more attractive with more people so I hope they will recognize the advantages of lishogi.

I fully believe, in lishogi. The free code philosophy is the right way.
Karakoro is right, we are not associated with the shogi federation. And there is no application for smartphones.
But I think they are things that will be solved with time. I am from Argentina and there are really very few people who play.
The kiu system for ranking would also be good

Sorry I misunderstood about auto-match. There is already auto-match in the lishogi arena mode.😆😆

The advantage of lishogi is ” Community” I think.
1. Forum community (like us)
2. Strong connection with streamers
are unique to lishogi. When they are streaming, it can be recommended to the other users in the top page of lishogi. So they are motivated!! There is no other shogi site(apprecation) like this. If the community grows up, the future is bright😃

I think Shogi Wars is very famous. And Japanese Shogi beginners find Shogi Wars first and easily when they think to start shogi online.
For my case, a friend I met on internet said "Shogi Wars is for beginners, 81 dojo is for intermediate, and Shogi club 24 is for Senior".
I used to play Shogi Wars. The longest game time is just 10 minutes and you lose.
There are few players who leave when they are about to lose due to this time setting in Shogi Wars.
That's why I liked and often played it.
But there is moves by AI, called "Kishin" in Shogi Wars. You can buy this "Kishin" with money and use this on matches in interpersonal battle in it.
That's why I quited to play Shogi Wars.
The most important point is that lishogi is not famous for Japanese players and other Countries' players at all.
In addition, UI like lishogi and lichess isn't familiar with Japanese Shogi players neither.
I think what you can do for lishogi is to steadily promote lishogi and Shogi, itself.
it maybe takes time for lishogi users to increase.
Shogi isn't much popular and isn't very minor for Japanese pepole now.
Shogi is also minor competition over the world.

Too many apps and portals for Shogi is not a problem. Lishogi has a nice friendly GUI, no irritating advertisements and supports English by default. The problem is too few players. Lishogi translation would be welcome because not every potential shogi player knows English. E.g. in Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Russia), we have about 250 millions of people. Most of them hardly speak any foreign language except their native or Russian. They usually play chess. But if they were shown alternatives, some of them at least would try shogi. Provided there is no language barrier.

We can also hope that one day when computers solve chess, there will be greater interest in Shogi, which is far more complex.

Time needed ,when lichess also launched ,it was empty like this ,need time , patience then it will be popular .Lidraughts have launched in 2018 ,but still nowadays it's getting more popular ,now several players are in lobby .In comparison with these websites ,it is in early stage ,so wait and I'm sure that it will be also very much popular .If any japanese pro shohi player can play here it will be very good .