Analysis not working

Whenever I try to request a computer analysis on a game, it instead refreshes the page

This happen to anyone who requests for an analysis of a from position/handicap game. After requesting for analysis from a from position/handicap game, all other games don’t get analysed cuz lishogi doesn’t support analysis for from position/handicap games.

The games I'm trying to analyse are standard games from the standard position.
I'm not sure what happened?

So basically when someone requests analysis for a from position/handicap game, since lishogi doesn’t support analysis for such games, the analysis of a particular user gets stuck at that from position/handicap game and all games after that can not be analysed cuz the from position/handicap games analysis is still going on as per the server and more than 1 game cannot be analysed at the same time. So all games that you request analysis for after requesting analysis for the from position/handicap game won’t get analysed.

I too am facing this same problem.

Seems like this has been fixed now (although when analyzing from position games the "average centipawn loss" seems sketchy)
Edit: I guess not quite (there are some from position games that have analysis but you can't request a new one)

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