Black and white for international piece set

It would be a great addition to offer black and white international (and western) piece sets specifically for beginners, considering that kanji might initially pose a challenge for newcomers.

Yes but it's only a slightly darker wood type I'm looking for a real black and white like the shogi_BnW

As the creator of most of the internationalized sets, my two cents on it are this:

1 - I created internationalized pieces as a viable way of getting people into the game so that they are not intimidated by kanji, and the sets allow you to immediately match the name of the piece to its image.

2 - The same linguistic barrier does not apply to actual shogi piece *design*. Sides are differentiated in shogi by the direction they face. It's actually a very clever method because there's no clean way to get different colored pieces that can change sides AND promote. Regardless, there is actually no linguistic or cultural barrier to this, and I don't see why this should be a necessary thing. To this I'd say: please learn this as how it's the core design of the shogi family. You're not playing western chess; it's a different game and you just need to get used to it.

3 - Many sets already add shading differences to further help visualize the two sides.

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