Atl least on mini shogi the bots getting stronger if the game drags on. Like at leat for me 2 or 3 levels

I give up
cannot learn anything if these bots havent a accurate strength

It is a general feature of chess engines that the longer the game goes on, the stronger the bot becomes. You need to get a decisive advantage in the opening before the game drags on. I know that even Lv8 bots often make fatal mistakes early on. Alternatively, we recommend training tsume to become as strong as bots. Unfourtunately, minishogi does little to help you become better at shogi.

Web version doesn't have english interface, but Piyoshogi is a good AI opponent for begginers. . It was my first opponent. ios app version should be in english afaik

so thats why the changed names . i was wondering why the layoujt change

So it wanst my imagination good. For chess bots i dont know. Never played them

Aviability and I dont like that my oponents have to play weaker against me

PS the beginners who dont play chess may have problems with the checkmate gatcha

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