Bug: I have got 16 correspondence games going, but I can see only 9 boards in my list view.

The tab states that there are 16 games, but the list shows only 9 boards.

Hey, I can see 16 boards under your "Playing" tab. It loads few first and then it loads more after you scroll to the bottom. If this still happens, please let me know what device and browser you are using. Thanks

Oh, I wasn't precise, I meant the list on main page.
If I enter my profile, under "Playing" I can see it all.

This is intended behavior in Lichess. I assume it's to reduce load on the server and/or lag on the client, because everyone goes through the home page. Pinning the "Playing" page or bookmarking it in the browser might be helpful.

Ok, then it is a feature not a bug.
It just shows 9 most urgent games, I got confused when I was not able to scroll further down.

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