Closed teams being deleted.

I've noticed that when you close teams, they're still on your page of teams. can they be removed? they're super annoying to look at.

It's the same on Lichess. Lishogi users only have the option of closing teams, not the option of deleting teams.

@YoBot_v2 i mean that it stays on your profile. i made a team, then i closed it, but it's still on my profile, and i would like for that to be removed.

Currently on lishogi, even closed teams are visible in users profile. Lichess too used to be like this, but things have changed now. If you like you could mention the team name to me privately and I could delete it for you. That way the team will no longer be in your profile.

This though is only a short term fix. Hopefully me or someone else could implement these changes to lishogi too so that disabled/closed teams are not seen in user's profile anymore.

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