Confusing display: Illegal pawn drop mate

Hi, thanks for the amazing site! I just noticed one thing that can be confusing to people: when someone makes a pawn drop mate, which is an illegal move, the system displays it in a confusing way that makes it unclear who actually won or lost. Is it possible for there to be a different game winning message than "checkmate" to show someone losing because they made a pawn drop checkmate? Or better yet, make it so that it's impossible for someone to play that illegal move, to help beginners learn better.

Hello, thanks for using the site. We plan to make pawn drop mate unplayable soon.

Or make it realistic and allow all illegal moves possible, resulting in game loss.

Do not allow illegal moves, let's just have the game and not let any traditional baggage weigh down the game. If it's going to get more traction with a Western audience we need to let the game speak for itself. I have already learned that illegal moves causing a loss is a big thing in Japan, but it won't fly in the west. Imagine if or allowed a player to move their king when they're in check mate, that would cause a lot of confusion. If you want the "real" experience then you play live :)

But, that's just my thoughts. I have only played and had any interest in Shogi for a few weeks, so my opinions are based on that.
I think it'd be best to learn the hard lessons about illegal moves when you start playing live shogi.

Maybe a compromise? A hardcore game mode, where illegal moves are allowed to be played but cause instant loss. However, if king is in checkmate the game should end, not needing to have the losing player to actively accept defeat.

That is great idea! Beginner/advanced setting, where in beginner mode system doesn't let You make illegal move, and advanced mode where You pay for mistakes with loss.

Maybe Casual/Traditional mode is better? I'm sure a lot of advance players would rather have the option to not have illegal moves available.

At the very least, the engine shouldn't suggest checkmate with dropped pawn. I believe I saw that on one game. But I might remember it wrong.

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