ロビーに全接続者を表示していただけませんか? Could you show all players connected in the lobby?




How about showing all players connected in the lobby?

Could you show all players connected in the lobby?
I believe that this will greatly reduce the psychological barrier to matching.
There are two reasons for this.

1. More people will be able to request a game.
Currently, there are at least 100 people connected to the game.
If you can freely challenge from among them, the opportunity to play games will increase greatly.
Of course, I know that you can still find and challenge opponents from the "Connected" tab.
But I don't know of anyone who does it that way.

2. Free to wait for game requests
Currently, if you leave the top page, the waiting status is removed.
So, if you want to play a game, you have to wait and do nothing else.
However, if you can accept a challenge just by staying connected, you can wait while solving tactics or reviewing your game record.
And best of all, you can start a game just by accepting a challenge.

All games created by players will be in the lobby. The reason you might not be able to see all games is because some players create a game but they add rating restrictions. This prevents all games from being seen in the lobby.

Regarding your second point, there is a github issue

It seems that my poor English is probably causing the discrepancy.
It only displays players connecting lishogi in the lobby, not automatically making them into the waiting state.
So I felt that your first explanation was a little different from what I proposed.
As for the second point, I think the game will not start unless you accept the challenge.
So there will be no aborted games.
Of course, you need to repeat the challenge several times, but I think this is accepted in Shogi Club 24 and 81dojo.

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