different coloured pieces

i know this is sacreligous but different coloured pieces would make shogi much better as u can tell which pieces are yours

Would be preeeeeetty confusing and I assume hard to code because of the drop mechanic of the game, hence the pieces don't really have two distinct colors in real-life shogi sets. Wouldn't want to mistake the piece that you took from your opponent as theirs even if you dropped it and mess up your calculations :3

Your pieces face ahead, your opponents pieces face the other.

That seems reasonable enough to understand which piece is mine and which one is my opponents. But in case you have a piece set that differentiates between a player and the opponents pieces by colour (Sente = black pieces, Gote = white pieces), then you can share it with lishogi :)
I don’t think anyone has designed such a piece set yet.

i am just saying this as i am new to shogi and have come from chess, even not colours but mabey you can have something like a selection on all of your pieces
ythanks tho

What do you mean by a selection on all your pieces? You can select only your pieces to make a move, you can’t select your opponents pieces to make a move.

I think it would be a good idea especially for new people (like me)

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