I made a Western-style piece set

Both sides are white in that piece set diwaditya. He’s asking for one differentiating between black and white pieces.


> The colors currently chosen have little contrast and I can't distinguish them well.

do you mean in the screenshot, or the set on lishogi? because the lishogi set has slightly higher contrast between "white" and "black" tiles. Also do you mean the contrast between the different tile colors, or the contrast between the piece graphics with the tile colors? In the latter case, is it only a problem for the light tiles, the dark tiles, non-promoted/promoted pieces, or both?

Either way, here is my first attempt at a high contrast version of my set:

tell me what you think

one problem I can immediately see is that the red promoted pieces dont have as much contrast as the black and white pieces, but I feel this is the lesser evil compared to using different piece graphics for promoted pieces, especially for visually impaired people who may have trouble picking up details in the piece graphics.

Greetings, @peanatsu!

Thank you for attending my request.

The problem mentioned in #9 is solved with the set of pieces shown in the screenshot of post #13: the color contrast is perfect. I have no difficulty distinguishing between my pieces and those of my opponent.

You can even improve the design by adopting a color other than white or black for the figure inside each piece. For example: brown for the non-promoted pieces and red for the promoted pieces.

Visual example:

ok, I made userstyle css files for this set.

the file for the brown piece version is here:

the file for the pure black/white/red version is here:

To use these, you need to install the "Stylus" browser plugin. Depending on what browser you use:
for chrome:
for firefox:
for opera:

Then you need to click the stylus icon, and click "Manage"->"Write new style". Then paste one of the css files from above into the text box and save the style under some name.

You should now have a high contrast piece set on lishogi.

Greetings, @peanatsu!

Thank you very much for the contribution made in post #15. You are really very kind.

Check it out! I show you off my new shogi set. It looks great!

A thousand thanks for your help!

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