Lishogi OAuth2 API

This my feature request to make login with lishogi button in any web app

Yup, If I’m right lishogi doesn’t yet support OAuth apps yet, though I think there are more important issues now to focus on. I’ll create a GitHub issue.

If you are talking about an API documentation, you can refer to lichess’ API for an understanding (though lishogi doesn’t support everything in lichess’ API atm)

yes but if Lishogi OAuth2 is there I can make web apps connecting to lishogi like mainly pychess or something

#3 Have you made Lichess apps like pychess? Lichess has a larger player base and you can make Lichess OAuth2 apps today, and many Lishogi players have Lichess accounts already.

@Toadofsky no but I am testing new feature in my local host dev app so I need Lishogi OAuth2 to login if Lishogi OAuth2 is there my new feature in my local host dev app will succeed

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