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General Shogi Discussion - Shogi Puzzle Database#2

I think this is it here: Thank goodness for libre software!

Lishogi Feedback - Notation of board coordinates#6

Oh, I see what you mean now. During the post-game analysis when it says 'best move was xyz'? Sorry I thought you meant the engine lines when you turn the engine on... I'm not sure there's a way to …

Lishogi Feedback - Notation of board coordinates#4

If you click on your username in the upper right corner, you can set which style of notation you'd like to see under the "Notation" tab. This also changes the engine notation during analysis.

Off-Topic Discussion - 悪手を減らしたいあなたへ,,,#2

That's very interesting that there's been research on this, I had no idea. It makes sense in a way; say there are 40 legal moves on the board. How likely is it that someone considering two moves wil…

General Shogi Discussion - Minishogi and much more!#14

I'm hyped for Chu shogi online; I've only ever played it OTB. The only site now I know you can play it is on SDIN, and once Lishogi implements chu, it'll be the best site for chu shogi by a large marg…

General Shogi Discussion - Cheating?#6

If memory serves me correctly, when the 2-day title matches are played, they take place in the JSA headquarters; and since an incident in 2016, outside technology is forbidden during the match and the…