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Lishogi Feedback - Correspondence game ending by time, how to avoid this?#3

I've been wanting to keep some correspondence games going too, but they've all fizzled out quickly. It's a shame too, because there doesn't appear to be any other decently popular site for correspond…

General Shogi Discussion - How do I castle 🤔#2

Castling in shogi is a much more involved process than in chess. There isn't a specific 'castling move' like in chess, where you play one move and your king is suddenly safe. Instead, there's a ton of…

General Shogi Discussion - Why did I lose this#3

I think OP means "what went wrong? How could I have prevented this outcome?" A question that I'm not really equipped to answer in any amount of depth, but based on computer analysis: When you moved…

Beginner's Club - Game Organization Thread#1

This thread is for requesting and organizing friendly (and perhaps some competitive) games between team members. To make things easy, post the parameters of the game you want such as the time-control,…

Beginner's Club - Shogi Discussion#2

I'll start by sharing two very helpful studies for beginners that touch on some important concepts.

Beginner's Club - Shogi Discussion#1

This thread is for general discussion of shogi. Questions that don't deserve their own thread (such as "Why does the engine prefer this move instead of this move?") belong here, as well as small obser…

General Shogi Discussion - Why can't I place pieces on the b-file?#4

If the rule didn't exist you would have to think about many more moves at all times, and things would be extremely chaotic. As a beginner, I'm very happy it does exist.

General Shogi Discussion - Resources for Western Players#7

I use single character pieces, and that seems to be the most common for charts and diagrams and such.

Beginner's Club - Beginner's Club forum#3

If the team gets popular I might make dedicated forum topics for questions, game requests, general shogi discussion, etc.

General Shogi Discussion - Are team advertisements allowed? (Beginner's Club)#1

Sorry if they aren't, but the most popular team for beginners seems to be inactive, so I thought it might be best to have another one. I hope to be active eno…