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General Shogi Discussion - 封じ手#4


General Shogi Discussion - 封じ手#1

こんにちは。 まずは、日本語が下手ですみません。ノルウェー人です。将棋が大好きです。 封じ手の決まりは。いつ何時?ある一定の手数の後? ありがとうございます。

General Shogi Discussion - Sealed moves in title matches#1

Hi, since the next title match with a two-day game is starting soon I have a question regarding the sealed move. How is this decided? Is there a certain time of day a player can declare that they are …

General Shogi Discussion - Correspondece tournament#2

Yes, I have been contemplating this idea as well. How would it work? Some group system where you played say 2-3 games at the same time? Or would you normally play only one tournament game at the time?

Lishogi Feedback - Leaderboards#3

#2 explains it. Thanks YoBot!

Lishogi Feedback - Leaderboards#1

Looking at the correspondence leaderboards from time to time and players keeps appearing and disappearing - myself included. Does anyone know why?

General Shogi Discussion - Resources for Western Players#3

I think this is a fallacy - sitting down and learning the kanji (and, you are not really learning the meaning of the kanji, only the way the pieces move) is not cumbersome at all. It might be a hindre…

General Shogi Discussion - Puzzles are here!#4

Great work, thanks!

Lishogi Feedback - Can you set the Japanese count on the right side of the board?#2

Click on your username in the upper right corner -> Notation -> Japanese

General Shogi Discussion - Subscribe to Shogi Sekai magazine in Germany?#7

Very cool! I have to delve much deeper into my Japanese studies, but I'll look into this. It would be nice to have a backlog of reading material, and also one way of keeping up the motivation.