2023 Chu Shogi Cup R1, Octananda - WarElephant

[Official game topic]
First-round pairing. Round 1 ends: 18 September 23:59:59
Octananda plays sente (先手). WarElephant plays gote (後手). Please agree to a playing time in this topic.

Time zone and availability?
I am in UTC+8 and available on Tuesday and Thursday; weekend also somewhat flexible.

Time zone and availability
I am in GMT+2 zone and i could play today 13/09/2023 13,00 GMT+2 or 16,00 GMT+2 or tomorrow 14/09/2023 11,00 GMT+2 or 13,00 GMT+2 or 15,30 GMT+2, weekend problematic for me

Then let's play at 11:00 GMT+2 (UTC+2) tomorrow 14/09/2023. It will be 17:00 for me.

See you then :)

Resent a new challenge since the time control was incorrectly implemented, please join the game.

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