Puzzles are here!


You can finally solve puzzles on lishogi!

Puzzles are finally available on lishogi. So let's look what's new and what's what.


After solving a puzzle, whether successfully or not, you can vote on its quality. If you liked the puzzle just give it a thumbs-up, if you didn't give it a thumbs-down, this will really help us the make the puzzle system better.

This being the first wave of puzzles it's to be expected that not all of the puzzles will be perfect or even good, so let us know if if you notice that the solution is ambiguous (the embedded engine, that appears after solving the puzzle can help) or if the solution is straight up wrong. Please don't use this if the puzzle is too difficult or easy - more on this later.

Another thing you can vote on are themes. Some themes that were programatically determined are locked, but others still need a human to go over them. If you think we should add some themes let us know either in discord or in the forums.

How were the puzzles generated?

There are two categories, some puzzles were obtained from the outside by others submitting or allowing us to use these puzzles, or from some copyright free works. I would like to thank https://syougi.qinoa.com/ja/, @karakoro, みつかづ, https://www.shogitown.com/ and https://yaneuraou.yaneu.com/.

Puzzles from lishogi games were generated by analyzing each position of the game and then looking for a position, where the winning chances drastically change. Each of these position was then checked whether there is only one unambiguous sequence of moves to 'win'. This is a slow process, that still needs to be finetuned, so please be patient.

I plan to add few hundred every week, if everything goes well.


You can think of every attempt at solving a puzzle as a game between you and the puzzle. If you solve it correctly, you gain rating and the puzzle loses some and vice versa. This means that it will take a while for the ratings to settle, but hopefully not too long.

As this is a new feature bugs are to be expected, I will try to resolve these as soon as I can. You can report these bugs either on discord or on github. In the meantime, thanks for you patience.

Thanks you everyone and good luck!