Impasse - 27-point system


Important impasse rule change, but also other smaller changes!

Hello there,

Up until now lishogi used try rule as a way to resolve entering king positions, that was always supposed to be a temporary solution. Starting today we switched to 27-point system. This rule is a bit more complicated than the try rule, but you might already be familiar with this rule if you have some experience with other shogi sites. You can find detailed explanation here. This rule doesn't come into effect too often, but it's definitely good to be prepared for it.

Impasse rule won't come into effect in studies.

Other changes include:

  • Server analysis for games from position is now also done by YaneuraOu, only if this analysis fails, Fairy Stockfish is used
  • Losses against AI or anonymous players are now properly listed under losses, not under draws
  • Practice against computer in studies was fixed
  • New 2 kanji black piece set - thanks to Portella
  • You won't be able to start a game or a study from a drawn position, when a player has more that one king or with doubled pawns/nifu
  • Many smaller UI tweaks and fixes - fixed clock not turning red, clocks will be hidden after the game ends, correct piece promotion orientation in study/analysis, display drops on position with only one king and much more
  • Many changes to make the site more stable

If you find any bugs or have a request for a new feature, please submit it on github.

Have fun playing shogi!