KIF Imports and Exports


KIF support is here!

Hello there again,

On lishogi you can now import KIF and also export games, studies and analysis to KIF! If you are not familiar with this format for storing games, tsume puzzles or studies of positions, you can read more about the format here.


Analysis Board

The easiest way to simply view your games, puzzles or studies saved as KIF on lishogi is to go to analysis board, scroll down, paste the KIF in the box and click 'IMPORT KIF'. This will also import all comments and variations.

Kif import in analysis

Game Import

You can also import a KIF file as a game, this way you will also get a shareable link to the board, chat and an option to request a server analysis, but since it's for importing games, you will only get the mainline., without the variations and comments

Study Import

Last but not least, you can create a new chapter in studies from KIF, this way you will have access to all the features of studies.

New chapter from KIF

If you come across a KIF that can't be imported or gets imported incorrectly, please submit an issue on github please also include the KIF, what went wrong and possibly where you obtained the KIF.


Exporting games was already partially supported - you could already export games from standard positions. Now you can also export handicap games or games from custom positions, results of server analysis are added as comments, termination move is included and new tags were now also added. Move times are also included in the annotated version.

Game KIF export

And another very important feature - it's now possible to export studies as KIF, many thanks to @ddugovic, for helping with that.

Study KIF export

What About Other Formats?

Soon we also plan to add an option to export to CSA, KI2 and a line of USI moves.

As far as importing other formats go, we might consider adding CSA imports, if there is a demand for that.

Other changes

  • Handicap games now properly display as starting from move number 1
  • Hindi language added
  • Timeout after takeback on the first move fixed
  • Right lance handicap added
  • Move times in analysis for games and KIF
  • Fixed displaying custom background on pages with analysis (also new default)
  • Updated inconsistent flags
  • Fixed embedded games in forums on mobile
  • AI name clarified in some places
  • Added possibility to cancel a request to join a team
  • Fixed icon not showing on Apple, when bookmarking site

Many thanks to everyone who supports the site, either through becoming a patron or helping with the development! Have fun!