Post-game studies and more!


Just some small but nice changes

Hello there! I would like to share with you some recent changes and fixes to Lishogi. While these changes may be smaller, they're designed to improve your overall experience on the site. So, without further ado, let's dive into what's new.

Post-game study

Starting a study after finishing a game was always kind of a cumbersome process. Now after you finish a game, you will see 'Study with opponent' button. Clicking this button will redirect you to a post-game study where you and the opponent have the right to contribute and study the game together. This button will always take you to the same post-game study.

Post-game studies are just like studies with few small exceptions. Since these post-game studies might pile up, it wouldn't be good to display them in 'My studies' or other study categories. Therefore post-game studies are visible only in a new study category 'Post-game studies'.

In the post-game study you can also easily offer a rematch or go back to lobby to look for a new opponent, making the experience a bit smoother.

If you wish to create a new post-game study or study with someone else than the opponent or even alone, you can click on the '+' at the right side of the button. Small window will appear, where you can create a new post-game study. To study alone simply leave the 'Study with:' input field empty. This is also reachable from Analysis board of the game

Player names

When Lishogi first started the players were called Black and White. Later we switched to Sente and Gote. But in languages other than English this change was only partial. All string on Lishogi are translated by you - Lishogi users, so it was up to you, what players in each language were called.
But unfortunately this resulted in some inconsistencies, where sometimes Sente and sometimes Black was used. I made an effort to fix this, now you can directly choose how players should be called. The default is based on the language, so you will have Sente and Gote in English, but 先手 and 後手 in Japanese, etc. But you can choose to have it always be Sente/Gote, 先手/後手 or Black/White (translated to the specific language).

If you spot a mistake or not yet translated string you can submit new translations here on crowdin.

Handicap games

Lishogi now correctly displays players names as Uwate and Shitate in handicap games, so don't be surprised if you see that. The player who has the disadvantage is called Uwate and the other player is called Shitate. If you have selected Black/White, you won't be seeing this.

New languages

Five new languages were added - Belarusian, Bahasa Indonesian, Norwegian, Thai and Tagalog. Once again not all strings are translated yet, so if you speak these languages and want to help check out Lishogi project on crowdin.
Many thanks to everyone who helped with the translations! You rock!


If you want to make a program that interacts in some way with Lishogi users, you can now make use of OAuth.

For an example take a look at this example repo.

Other changes

  • Fixed critical bug that incorrectly timed out players, under specific conditions
  • New pieceset joyful - thanks to Rechefiltr-is-Fire
  • BnW piece set had colors flipped so that sente has black pieces and gote has white pieces
  • Fixed chushogi not using higher moves limit
  • Studies of games now share server analysis with games
  • Studies from game are linked to a game and the mainline can't be changed, if this breaks someones' workflow please start an issue, I will try to think of something
  • Changed the default layout to compact and default coordinates position to inner, might change later
  • Many smaller UI tweaks and fixes

What's next?

Currently the things I want to focus the most is adding more puzzles and preparations for Lishogi mobile app.

As always if you spot a bug, something you think might be a bug or you want to request a feature, please create an issue on github. I check github issues several times a day, so I will definitely see it. Don't worry about duplicate issues, it's better to have one problem reported twice, than not at all.

If you enjoy using Lishogi, we would be incredibly grateful for your support. Every donation helps us keep the site running and improving. If you're in a position to give and want to support Lishogi, please consider making a donation. You can find more information about how to donate here.

Thank you very much for your support!