Dai Dai Shogi game against beethovenmahler

Just to indicate: Notation: western traditional way. Like in chu shogi
Rules: English Wikipedia
You can go as sente

That could be easily a really really long thread… I think we could start a new thread every 100 moves or so…

Also I am a bit confused by which square 66 is.. usually we use combination of letter+number..

Pawn - 10l (10-11). Previous move was HDx6f

I think using numbers would be easier because there are so many squares on a 大大将棋 board.

On the other hand, Ai Ai has board labels so maybe we should just stick with letters and numbers.

I am still confused because ai ai's board coordinates differ from the chu-shogi-style tradition... To clarify: in my practice (following the shogi association tradition), I usually regard the left-up corner square as 17a and right-down square as 1q (so left to right columns labeled as 17-1, up to down rows labeled as a-q, sente's pieces are in the lower area..) sorry for the confusions. I should clarify these in the beginning...