Auto join i correspondence game

When I start a correspondence game it will automaticly join a game if someone else is waiting with same playing time. This is a little bad as I just want one game at the time with each player.

Join the lishogi discord and report the problem there!

Hi, I’m not sure I understand what you mean @dannebubben . Could you please explain what you expect to happen when you join a correspondence game and what happened instead?

Hi, like this:
1. I create a game with say 2 days thinking time.
2. Some one else is already waiting for a 2 days game
3. Now a game will start between us

The problem is that I might already playing a game with that person and I do not want to play many games with same person simultaniously. This is what I mean with auto join.

You said, “Now a game will start between us”. How do you know for sure that it got automatically paired? What if he click on your game in the correspondence lobby and he himself joined your game?

I think he is trying to tell that he made a correspondence game in lobby. Then a player click on that game and starts the game. Bit still the game in lobby remains visible unless canceled by the user.

So he is telling that the same person is again and again playing many games with him at a time.

It works fine to create a game. But if I create a game with same time limit that already have a waitng game, a game will start automaticly with that player. My game never come up in the list. So now I play many games with each players.