Announcing the Bougyoku Tournament

I’ll try my best to join even though it’s during the time I eat dinner usually. Excited to participate (and play trolling moves :p)!

question: once the king reaches the 4th rank is he allowed to retreat?

@LilyLionmane Yes. This is explained in the blog post "The king may or may not retreat as soon as he reached the 4th rank." So if the king reached the 4th rank on move 30, he could move his king back on move 32. Or forward :P

It would be extremely funny if King had to reach the 6th rank. It would either not happen or be a mate the next move. 4th rank is perfect for jokes/trolling.

Cannot wait for this tournament. I'm sure it will be lots of fun just trolling around here!

The tournament is over @RabidBerracuda , but if you don’t play the troll opening, you aren’t eligible to get the prize (BgM title and cool trophy in profile).

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