New Features, Changes and Fixes

Love the update! Only problem: in the live game lobby, you can't tell whether someone is asking for a game of Annan shogi or Kyoto shogi. No character pops up next to casual/rated for either variant.

Extraordinary as always!

Looking at Kyoto Shogi, I somewhat prefer the PyShogi notation, for example R-33- with a minus sign when a piece demotes.

Very nice work! Regarding the translations, I would like to add Galician to the list. I have tried to contact Lishogi's mantainers at Crowding, but I was not able to... Can it be done? Thanks in advance!

Toadofsky - I think in kyoto shogi it's hard to actually tell what's promotion and what's demotion, is gold to knight promotion or demotion, fairy says it's demotion, but we start with gold not knight, so I would lean towards calling it a promotion. Originally I had no '+' after the move, because it's mostly redundant, we know the piece was turned over (except the king), but in the end I settled on having it there, because in KIF notations of kyoto shogi games, the promotion (flipping over the piece) is marked always with 成, so I decided to go with that.

planin - Sure thing I will add it to Crowdin and import some base translations from Lichess.

wwww1111 - You can still use it, I am not removing it, I just think the old picture wasn't that good of a background, too many distractions, too sharp and it was making some text hard to read in some places. The new one is supposed to be more neutral. I might change it again tho, feel free to suggest some other images (copyright free images) over on github, maybe we can agree on something.

Oh,I haven't paid attention to it.But I just think the old one is more traditional and more Eastern. I still uses the old background and I just don't want it to be removed.Thanks, Webmaster Wanderer!

Thanks as always for the updates and I'm appreciative of any work done on the site.

That said, I'm mildly frustrated that features like tsume storm and game analysis improvements continue to lag while variants seemingly retain a focus despite being hardly used (in chess *or* in shogi). Meanwhile, our player base here is still so small that maybe focus should be targeted on the "real" game instead of dividing everyone's attention even more. Long-standing bugs like the "Current Games" view not actually listing all the live running games don't help, and it contributes IMO to the look that it's dead around here which, anecdotally, is the perspective of more than a couple real shogi players I've talked to in person at our club. Regarding analysis, perhaps this is a problem upstream and an update wouldn't help, but the in-browser yaneuraou still, as far as I can see, can't use multiple CPUs so it's pretty slow and lousy when compared to almost any alternative ... I *thought* there were plans to find some way to hook up the analysis board to an external engine but maybe that focus went to variants? Finally, and maybe this is just a problem with my combination of browsers and networks, but the recurring "Reconnecting" websocket red alert in the left bottom corner continues to occasionally plague me despite never being a problem in lichess or other websocket-based sites.

Thanks as always. The work on lishogi has been incredible and I wish all the best for the developers and the site!

PS: The websocket error (which has been discussed a few times on the discord - thanks @Toadofsky for past discussion - is of the form "WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established."