New Features, Changes and Fixes

ohithere - Oh, you are right, the cores aren't actually being utilized. I will look into it right away. It works in YaneuraOu demo, so it's on lishogi side. I will try to get it fixed today.
About the websocket issue, it's only with Brave that you experience it? I looked what brave does differently with websockets, and they limit websocket connections to 30 per domain. So maybe sometimes the ws connection isn't closed properly and Brave still sees it... I also found an issue on Brave GitHub, that sometimes sockets don't close on window.unload ( But I'm only speculating, I still need to reproduce it, I will also try playing around with my nginx configuration for the ws server, there might also be an issue there.

tititogepi - thanks, fixed.

Thanks so much again for the response on both, @Wanderer! Very excited about the yaneuraou possibilities!!!

The fix for the local analysis not using all cores is live. With 3 cores I now get almost 600k nodes/s. With native YaneuraOu I get 750k.
Keep me updated about the websocket issue, I will be trying some random stuff, if I can't reliably reproduce it, so we will see.

I suggest a feature that will allow illegal moves as well. And doing so result in a loss. 😊

Small after-update.
- Current games view (and tv) were reworked a little. I combined all the time controls categories into one. I also considered combing all variants into one category called 'Variants', but I kept the them separate for now. Computer and bot categories were also combined into one. This was done in order to make sure the current games view is more full of games and TV has more candidates to choose from for featuring the best game. I also fixed the misconfiguration that only very recent games were listed and generally lowered the conditions for the games to be listed. This might still require further tweaking and changes.
- Kyotoshogi piece sets are now in a separate category (similarly to chushogi). Pieces in most piece sets have different sizes (rook bigger than pawn etc.). This looks bad when pawn promotes to rook and the whole piece size changes. Therefore only piece sets that have all pieces the same size are available for kyotoshogi. I tweaked lishogi default piece set for kyotoshogi and also new piece sets from PyChess were added.
- Fairy SF and lishogi use different notation for kyotoshogi. This was an issue for bot accounts making use of Fairy SF. Now the data sent to bots playing kyotoshogi games contain 'fairySfen' and 'fairyMoves' fields ('sfen' and 'moves' fields are also included and use lishogi notation).
- With default board layout, there is now an option in preferences to have background behind pieces in hand, similarly as is the case with the old side layout. This will be improved with the layout rework.

> LuffyKudo
> I suggest a feature that will allow illegal moves as well...
Nope, it is not really the direction I want to go in... This would be a big change, that would need to be well justified and I don't think it is. A lot of problems would arise: experience for new players would worsen - it makes shogi less accessible, premoving wouldn't work, unselecting a piece by dropping it somewhere it cannot move to - that wouldn't work, I'm sure there is more. Not to mention the rewrites necessary...

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