feature request:more shogi vairants

I think it might be a cool idea to make a lishogi original variant that would be played on a chu shogi sized board, but using some interesting pieces from the lesser know variants

Individually, there is already a site where Tori-shogi can be done, so might want to prioritize Wa-shogi with drops.

For all who don't know the site where we can play tori shogi :) www.pychess.org/
Shogi, Kyoto, Mini, Gorogoro+, Dobutsu, Tori are available here
And a new variant created by them, Mansindam, which is a mix of Chess and Shogi

Dobutsu Shogi is an interesting variant, and I like the colorful design of the pieces, but the large board is intimidating.

this game is already a handful; we shouldn't extend it

This game is a handful, but most people have two hands so we've still got room for a whole other handful!

I do like the idea of bringing in Wa Shogi with drops. It feels like a nice compromise: a modestly larger variant, but without terribly many new types of pieces.

I would try Wa Shogi with drops. Discovering Chu Shogi this year was really interesting. I find that there's a lot of depth and variety to the game. I would try some of the larger historical variants at some point, I think Tenjiku at 16x16 with some novel pieces could be neat.

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