How much time should I take to solve a puzzle?

Can someone pls tell me how much time would be appropriate to solve a puzzle, soetimes while solving I feel Im investing more time on a single puzzle than required and thats hindering my progress from real time game point of view.

It would be really helpful if someone provides me some insight on the topic (puzzle level : time taken for 1 puzzle)

Thankyou in advance for helping me to attain some shogi wisdom!

Interesting question. First, puzzles are mostly tactics, or tricks. A useful thing to do during a game and when solving a puzzle (this is borrowed from chess) is to look for "checks, captures, and threats". Most of the time, one of these moves is the solution to a puzzle. Also, if you're totally stuck you can look at the theme of the puzzle (e.g. "checkmate in 3", "deflection", "endgame") and see if that helps. As for the time you should take, I don't really know because I don't have much experience, but you should probably be solving puzzles reasonably fast (2-3 minutes or less) if the puzzle is of your level or below.

Take all the time you need, even hours. When solving a puzzle, think of everything in the position. Then see every check, every capture, every forcing move you can imagine, as one of them is probably the answer. This concept also applies to chess, just focus for long enough.

If you see the solution, rethink about it to see if there's no refutation (a defensive ressource, an escape for the king etc).

I can solve a puzzle in 1 minute or spend 1 hour…))) depends on my mind’s freshness.

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