How to create a bot?

It's actually pretty easy. Anyone can create a Bot using Lishogi's Bot API:

Now if you are create a client for your bot from scratch using the bot api it will require some coding knowledge, but to communicate with lishogi's bot api there is an official endpoint which you can find here:

This endpoint allows you to upgrade your account to a bot account and can connect your bot to an engine. The instructions to use that client is found here:

Is there any documentation on the notation for sfen and moves for chu-shogi? I can probably infer the sfen from messing with the analysis board, but what are the details for move-notation for chu-shogi bots api?

I don't think there is any documentation for sfen on lishogi, but if I'm right chushogi bot would parse moves in the usi notation (example: 3c3d)

Thanks. Lion moves then like 3c (igui) and 3c3d4d for two-step?

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