Problem #egJjY

Engine says after K42, +Bx41 and the bishop cannot be recaptured or it's forced mate in 12.
The only move which the engine thinks isn't a mate is Kx43 .... but with the king walking out into the middle of the board, it's a completely lost game.
Honestly, even in the mainline, the engine gives more than +20 advantage for sente at the end. So really every move after the first move, N*43, is losing for gote, it's just K62 is losing the 'least'.

+Bx41 means "Bishop takes 41 and promotes" in Western notation.

Bx41 : Bishop captures on 41
+Bx41 : Promoted Bishop (Horse) captures on 41
Bx41+ : Bishop captures on 41 and promotes
Bx41= : Bishop captures on 41 and does not promote

@VladTsyb Are you able to use the engine, my friend? After you finish the puzzle, it allows you to inspect it with the engine. That's always what I do when I don't understand a puzzle.
Anyway, after K42, +Bx41 and Kx41 the engine says it's mate in 12:
+Rx31, K-52, G*42, K-62, +Rx61, Kx61, N-51+, K-62, G-52, K-72, S*61

@LizardWizard , yes, I am. So, according to the engine sente win gold. What they really win isn't clear to me yet. Thanks.

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