Problem #zHNlR

After Golden general 53 hits 42 and gote's King hits 42, sente's Dragon could hit 52. If gote's King hits it, then sente could put Golden general on 53 and wherever gote's King goes, sente could put Golden general (on 62 or on 42) to win. If gote's King goes on 31, sente win by putting Golden general on 41. Site counts the move sentes Dragon hits 52 wrong.

Yes, I haven't notice it. Thanks. It's written here, that your message is edited, but I can't figure out, how to edit mine. Can you help?

I don't see the option to edit here on mobile. It might only be on desktop. Usually you just mouse over your comment, and there's a button.

Well, I’m on a desktop, and nothing happens when I put a mouse over the text. Thanks anyway!

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