Rating or rank of the bots


does have anyone have information which rank each bot has?
I calclulated if level 1 is 800 then level 2 would be arounf 1800 is that correct?

If right i am still interested in the other levels
Thanks in advance

Lishogi uses the glicko-2 rating system to measure relative player strengths. It consists of a players ratings, and an uncertainty factor RD. If we ignore RD (since a computer plays very consistently compared to humans) then its just a special case of the elo system and we can calculate the expected outcome between 2 players with ratings i and j as follows:

1 / (10^(i-j)/400)

For a rating of 800 and 1800, we would have the expected winrate of the first player is 0.32% (and symmetrically, its 99.68% for the second player)
You could in theory, find a bot with an established rating, and there are plenty of them here, and then just have them play hundreds of games and solve

winrate = 1 / (10^(rating_difference)/400

Excellent explanation. I'll add: I don't know what "1500" is supposed to be with respect to engines, however I do know that TSEC exists somewhere and I assume they have a rating list (for some engines running on some hardware for some time control).

I assume that he's asking about the built in lishogi bot that you play when you click "play with computer" on the homepage. It's not rated (it's not a "bot player" proper who plays in the rating pool), so it's hard to say what its actual rating is.

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