Shogi Program

Someone could recommend a program to collect and organize the games.

Something like Chessbase does to Chess.

Is there any Shogi program like that?

Thanks a lot

I didn't understand completely but if you want something that could save your game logs then you can try " shogi with bonanza" app from play store, it supports bonanza engine so you can practice offline.

Thanks for the answer @Rainfall

I basically talking about a program in which you could collect the games and make comments to the moves but you keep in your PC.

You can use either BCMGames(The UI that HIDETCHI used ) or ShogiGUI. Both are basically like chessbase ord SCID. Just google them and you will find them quickly

I used to use BCMGames a lot, and I really liked it, despite it being somewhat buggy at times. I basically learned shogi by playing against low-level bots using BCMGames. There is a big problem, though: it is no longer maintained at all, so no further updates or bug fixes. Just something to bear in mind. I believe that ShogiGUI is still being actively updated and improved

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