Analysis with multiple CPUs like lichess

Is it possible to enable analysis with multiple CPUs in browsers like lichess? Whenever I drag the "CPUs" bar at the analysis board, it shows "Browser does not support this option".

What browser are you using? If Brave, be sure to drop all shields and allow the browser to fingerprint you. That said, unfortunately, even if you enable multiple CPUs it still basically only uses one. Hopefully a future yaneuraou update will allow this!

I usually use Firefox. I tried with Chromium as well. I can drag "CPUs" to 7 but it still actually uses one. XD

Thanks! Let me try some local build of YaneuraOu. ;)

I believe lichess was going to add (or did already add?) the ability to call out to a local native engine program for its analysis ... that would be *incredible* for lishogi, too. lishogi is IMO by far the best shogi gui and I could kick shogidokoro to the curb. :)

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