Arena tournament scores are not properly reflected in tournament standings.

I won 5 games in this tournament, but for some reason my last win was invalidated. Considering the number of wins, I should have placed second, but because my last win was voided, I placed third. I am not satisfied with this result. Can someone (especially the developer) please explain this to me?

because the game ended after the tournament ended

If there are ongoing games during a tournament, the organizer ought not to end the tournament until the ongoing games are completed, even if the time limit has expired. It is wierd since the voided game is actually treated as one game of the tournament.

The tournaments on lishogi are from a given set time to another, example 4pm to 5pm. So at 4pm, players start playing and all games that happen/end at the tournament before 5pm(example) will only be considered for points.

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