Deathmatch between shogi engines

did there any matches between stronger shogi engines like fairy stockfish vs YaneuraOu

Fairy Stockfish hasn’t signed up to join WCSC (World Computer Shogi Competition), but YaneuraOu with shuisho NNUE Evaluation is the strongest shogi engine. If I’m right Fairy Stockfish is about 400 rating weaker. Though to get more precise results you can test it with cutechess (I think it supports shogi).

@YoBot_v2 But I think Bonanza is one of the strongest Shogi engines that currently exists, and can be regularly found amongst the top-4 finishers of the Computer-Shogi world Championship.

Oh lol. Bonanza was the strongest at one point but rn YaneuraOu with Shuisho NNUE Eval is number 1. It even wo the WCSC29!!

Oh and by the way, it’s World Computer Shogi Championship (WCSC) not World Computer Shogi Co petition

Also see the rating list (YO there stands for YaneuraOu) and the history of WCSC results

Due to its support for many variants Fairy-Stockfish is not really competitive with the absolute top engines, but using NNUE evaluation it still is far above human level. Most top Shogi engines are also based on Stockfish, they are of course just more optimized for Shogi.

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