Super Serious

Let's say I were to do the "twist" dance until results come in. What are the results? how much would I need to "twist" to make myself so dissoriented by either nausea or by sheer groove with the ryhthm of the song that I fall over and/or die?

This guy is into Physics right? I mean this is clearly about Torsion, which is the twisting of an object around its axis due to an applied torque.
So the real question is...
How much torsion must be applied on a human body to reach breakdown?
Well... the amount of torsion that would cause a human body to break down is difficult to quantify as it would depend on various factors such as the individual's overall health, the location and type of injury, and the speed and direction of the twisting motion... so yeah I guess that's your answer?!? 🤔

many factors. how far are you twisting, the speed at which you are twisting, and your stamina.

What are the results? First, you are tired. Second, you stop. Can think of more, but that is it for now.

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