What are the titles in Lishogi ?

ive seen some titles like PRO, LP etc ,what are the titles actually belongs to ?
What are the titles in shogi officially ?

The official titles in shogi are awarded by the Japanese Shogi Association (Nihon Shogi Renmei, 日本将棋連盟).
The PRO and LP titles in lishogi are intended to reflect these professional players.

PRO is for professional shogi players who are at or above 4-dan professional rank (different from 4-dan amateur rank).

LP is for Ladies' Professional shogi players at or above 2-kyu Ladies' professional rank, also awarded by the Japanese Shogi Association (also different from 2-kyu amateur rank and 2-kyu apprentice professional/shoreikai ranks).

As a rule of thumb, even the weakest of these titled players are stronger than all but the best amateur players.

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