Chu Shogi Cup 2023

Hello everybody!
I'm glad to finally announce the new Chu Shogi tournament - Chu Shogi Cup 2023.

It is starting 12th September, 2023. The registration period is from 10th August till 10th September 23:59:59 UTC+0. All the tournament actions are organized in this team and in the Discord tournament channel

Registration thread:

Tournament regulations:

Main points:
- Tournament is Swiss system if there are 9+ participants. If less, we play Round-robin system.
- In case of Swiss system we play 7 rounds. Each round we have a week to schedule and play your game with opponent.
- In case of Round-robin system we play one game against each opponent (max 7 games). All the games are scheduled and played within 6 weeks.
- Time control is 20 minutes + 30 seconds of Fischer increment.
- There is a possible to adjourn game to continue in another day if there were played more than 400 moves in the game. Time control for adjourned game is 0 minutes + 30 seconds of Fischer increment. Details of how to handle adjournment are described in the tournament regulations.
- After tournament game is finished either player must post a link to the game to the tournament thread where their pairing were announced.

I highly recommend to read the full rules on the link above before registering.

But if by some reason you're can't or don't want to read it, just make sure that you could schedule each week a game duration of ~4 hours at long of 7 weeks starting from 12 September (12 September ~ 31 October).
You should also be ready to shift your schedule (if needed) to play the game on the time appropriate for both you and your opponent who might be from different timezone.
Inactivity is strongly not encouraged and penaltied in the tournament.

If you are interested and able to participate in that kind of long run, please join the tournament! ;)

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