Chu Shogi set

Dear community,
The more my passion for this variant increases, the more I want a physical board to play with! I've read about Mr. Hodges and his sets, however, it looks like he has passed away a few years ago (no wonder I had no answer from the old e-mail of Mr Hodges). Somebody says his wife is still selling those sets, but I have no contact info; does any of you have some contact info of Mrs. Hodges?
The alternative would be a Japanese site but they only sell sets with a wooden board, which are quite expensive.
Thanks in advance, have a great day.


Actually, Angela Hodges the wife of passed away George Hodges replies from his email

I bought a Chu Shogi set from her about two-three years ago.

Can confirm that she still makes them now, I bought a set from her a few months ago.

Thanks, I received her reply today. Are you satisfied with your purchase? I have seen no pictures of it, maybe you guys will be so kind as to post a few pics of it?

This exactly set is stamped badly (Sente's King, Elephant, and Lion are made badly) but in general, it is a good set, if you get the neat stamped set. It feels good in a hand, a good heavy-weighted plastic.

It's probably the best cheap Chu Shogi piece set available. Other options possible are to order the custom laser engraving on a wood somewhere but idk about prices.

Thanks. As you said I see some pieces were not perfectly stamped, but overall it looks like a good set for its price. it's nice that they have some weight, too; I was worried about them being too light. I think I'll buy it

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